Everyone Needs Encouragement

Maybe you know someone who needs a little moral support.  Maybe you know someone who needs a little encouragement.  Why not help them out… or offer a word of encouragement.  We need far more of that in the world.  

There are times when we need someone to come along beside us and remind us that we can do it.  Or, we need someone to say, “You got this!” 

Yesterday, Holli and I went to see Peyton’s last T-ball game of the year.  Yes, his Poppa thought he  was the best player on the field. :). On one play, the ball rolled into the outfield.  Now, only one player needed to go get the ball but, in this case, MOST of the players ran out to the outfield to get the ball.  Peyton, my grandson, was one of them.  He didn’t have his glove on… but he ran to the outfield with the other kids, they watched one of the kids pick the ball up and then, everyone ran back to the infield.  Lol  They were all offering moral support to their team-mate.  They didn’t want him (I think it was a “him”.. it may have been a “her”) to be alone running into the outfield to get the ball.  

At times, we need someone to run into the outfield with us.  We need moral support.  We need someone to say to us, “Hey man, I’m here with you… we got this.” 

I Thessalonians 5:11 says, “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up.”  

Sometimes, a friend of ours needs us to run with them into the outfield to pick up the ball.  So, let’s put your game shoes and run with them… or stand with them.. or help them.  

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