God Wants To Give Us A New Heart

Years ago, when I was Pastor on the Mississippi gulf coast, there was a man in the church, Gerald Griffin, who had been given a heart transplant. When he would give the offertory prayer he would say, “I’ve been given two new hearts…A spiritual and physical heart transplant.”

The Lord gave Israel a new heart as well. In the Old Testament God made an agreement, or a covenant with Israel. The agreement was that if Israel would obey God and keep His commandments, God would bless Israel and protect them. But, Israel didn’t keep their end of the bargain. They disobeyed God and God punished them by sending them away into exile. So, in Hebrews …God tells Israel that He is going to give them a new covenant. It will not be like their old covenant…written on tablets of stone…but will be new in that it will be written on their hearts.

This covenant is made through Jesus. Because of Jesus death on the cross, because of His she’d blood…He makes a new covenant possible.

Someone may ask, “How can this new covenant be written on our hearts?” That happens when we invite Christ into our hearts. When a person asks Christ to come into their heart and save them, we are given a new heart.

Today, our past does not matter; God wants to give us a new heart…

God wants to give us a new covenant that is written on our hearts.

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