Hope When We Have Messed Up

All of us need hope and we especially need it when we have messed up. When we make mistakes we can think there is no hope. But through the mercy of God, there is.

The people of Judah were being punished by being taken to exile. So they had very little hope. Yet, the lord speaks to them and tells them that, although they have been scattered the Lord will be a sanctuary for them. The Lord will gather them back from the nations.

So, even though Israel had failed, there was still hope.

Maybe you have made a mistake recently that really bothers you. Maybe you have flat messed up…and you question if God could love you. He does and He will.

There is a song….I can’t remember all the lyrics but I remember these…

“Your never too far from forgiving arms

There’s no way too lose with a love this strong.

You’ll never be, Never be.

Too far gone.”

God is our sanctuary. Your never too far gone.

The same is true for us. God loves us and never forsakes us. He is our sanctuary.

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