Last night, while trick-or-treating, my grandson, Peyton saw a Werewolf and it scared him. When we were eating supper he began to talk about the Werewolf.

He said, “We need to go up in the sky and ask God why he made werewolf’s.”

Well, I sensed a good opportunity, so I told him, that was a good idea. The , Peyton added witches to the list of people God shouldn’t have made. I thought he had a good point on that one too. Dorothy, in the Wizard sure wishes God didn’t make witches. Now, I know this is fairy-tale land but play along with me.

God didn’t make werewolf’s. They grow out of our imagination. But, everything God made is good. In the first chapter of Genesis, the Bible says that after God made some part of creation, He would say, “it was good.”

God made man and then, God made woman and both were good.

God made us…everyone of us…and God loves us.

There are times when, if someone has gone through some difficult times or they have faced lots of rejection, at times, people don’t like themselves. They may think they aren’t as pretty as someone else or not as intelligent as someone else. Or maybe someone has felt the sting of divorce.

God loves us all. We all have flaws but God loves us any way.

Maybe God shouldn’t have made werewolf’s or witches…but they test of God’s creation is beautiful. God loves us and God looks at us and says, “it is good.”

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