Come Before Winter

The fall of the year is a beautiful season of the year.  The foliage is spectacular.  But the autumn season is brief.  It doesn’t last long.  The foliage can be beautiful one day and in a weeks time, it can be gone.  So, if someone wants to to see fall foliage, there is a brief window to see it.  

Life is like that as well.. There are times when there is a brief window to see something or do something… so there is an urgency to act.  This is what the apostle Paul was talking about in II Timothy.  As he concluded his letter, he told Timothy “Come before winter.” Why was it so urgent for Timothy to “come before winter?” 

It may have been because Paul knew that once winter set in, Timothy would have been unable to travel so, he needed to come now before he couldn’t travel.  Some have said that it could have been that Paul felt he was about to die and he wanted to see Timothy thus, there was an urgency.  

Whatever it was, Paul felt it was urgent for Timothy to come and come now.  

There is an urgency about life as well.  There is an urgency about salvation.  If a person is not a believer, they need to trust Christ and they need to do it now… immediately.. before it’s too late.  

There is an urgency about repairing broken relationships.  If there is someone that there are some differences between you and them, do your part to resolve it.  Don’t wait.. it will be too late.  

Years ago, I read a story about a lady in Chicago who had a bad relationship with her Dad.  They hadn’t spoken in years.  Her Dad was in ICU in a Chicago hospital but she wasn’t aware because they hadn’t spoken.  One day, a nurse called her and told her that her Dad wasn’t doing well and she should come.  She did but when she arrived at the hospital, she discovered her Dad had died.  He had left a hand-written letter that told his daughter he loved her.  As she read the letter, she began to weep… it had been years since she had seen her Dad and now… she wished she had seen him sooner.  The same can happen with us.  If there is someone that you have had a misunderstanding with, reach out to them.. go see them… do your best to resolve it.  

If God puts something on your heart to do… don’t wait.. .take action… You need to do it before it’s too late.  

Today, is there something you need to do? Is there someone you need to talk to?  Do it today… don’t wait.. tomorrow it may be too late.  

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