The Lord Turns Dry Times Into Times Of Refreshing Springs

All of us go through challenging, difficult times.  And when we do, they can take our strength and energy away. They can rob us of our joy.  The Psalmist experienced this.  

In Psalm 84 the Psalmist is referring to a time when people were making their way to Jerusalem to worship. Psalm 84:5 says, “What joy for those whose strength comes from the Lord… who have set their minds on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.”  Then, in verse six he says, “When they walk through the Valley of Balso, it will become a place of refreshing springs… the autumn rains will clothe it with all blessings.”  Evidently the Valley of Baca was a waterless place that would become a place of springs.”  

The Psalmist is speaking symbolically here.  He is saying that when our hope and joy are found in the Lord, He will turn dry places into places of springs for us.  What was a dry place… the Valley of Balso, becomes a place of refreshing springs.  

The same can happen for us.  Maybe your life has become dry.  Maybe you are going through some dry times.. some tough times… The Lord can turn those into a place of refreshing springs.  

How does the happen?  By trusting the Lord.  By focusing on our relationship with the Lord and drawing our strength and joy and purpose from it.  When we do, it provides us hope.  

Today and in the days ahead…may your joy come from the Lord who turns times of dryness into times of refreshing springs.  

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