Constructive Criticism Can Be Good

“Can I give you some constructive criticism?” 

When someone asks that, we can sort of brace ourselves because we don’t know what’s coming.  No one likes criticism… constructive or not so, we may prepare ourselves to hear some tough words.  But, at times, criticism is good.  

In Proverbs 25:12, the Bible says, “to one who listens, valid criticism  is like a gold earring or other gold jewelry.”  Notice the text reads, “…valid criticism.”  If you do anything.. you are likely going to receive some criticism… and  most of the time, it’s worthless.  It’s someone who may be jealous or defending their turf or something else.  But, there are times when criticism is something we need to hear.  

Years ago, a Pastor told me that when he received criticism,  he would pray and ask the Lord what part of the criticism he needed to receive?  Then, he would try to learn from that and he would toss the rest away.  

It may be that someone has recently given you some criticism and maybe it stung a little.  Ok, take some time and think through what you were told. Is there something you need to hear?  If so, receive it… make necessary changes and toss the rest away.  

Although we normally don’t like it, valid criticism is good and helps us grow. 

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