Encouragement & Patience

Encourage & be patient.

That’s what Paul challenged the Thessalonians to do as he closed out his letter to them. He said “Encourage those who are timid….be patient with everyone.”

You may know someone that is anxious about something. Maybe they are starting a new job or there is something else they are anxious about. Paul challenges us to encourage them.

Then he says “Be patient with everyone.” Patience can be a challenge for us. We live in a fast-paced, instant-gratification society so patience doesn’t come easy. Yet Paul challenges us to be patient with others.

Maybe there is someone that you are struggling to be patient with. Patience is a fruit of the spirit. So, ask the Lord to help you be patient.

You may be thinking, “I know I should be patient but, it’s running out.” I just remind us all of how patient the Lord has been with us. We have slipped and sinned time & time again but the Lord is patient with us. None of us are divine like our Lord but we can ask the Lord to fill us with His spirit to help us be patient.

Today, ask the Lord to help you be led by and filled with the Spirit and have patience with others.

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