Lord give me patience and give it to me now!”

You are probably familiar with that expression.. you may have even said it at times. We all need patience and, even the most patient person runs out of patience at times.

In Ephesians 4:2, the apostle Paul said, “Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love.” So, how can we become more patient?

Paul said that patience is a fruit of the spirit. In Galations 5, when Paul was listing the fruit of the spirit, he mentioned patience. So patience is a direct result of the Spirit working in our lives.

Let’s be honest; it’s tough to have patience at times. You can make a phone call and then, sit on hold for a while. It’s tough to be patient. Or maybe there is an individual who is trying your patience. We all need to remember that we are not perfect. Someone has been patient with us and so, we should be patient with others.

Years ago, when my kids were playing Dixie Youth baseball, one year, one particular Coach drafted a kid who had a great arm but he struggled with control. Lots of Coaches would have lost patience and said, “Nice try buddy but we are going to use someone else.” Instead, this Coach said, “The kid has too good of an arm too waste.” He was willing to put up with some walks to allow the kid to develop into a better pitcher.

Is there someone you need to exercise patience with?

You may be saying, “I am NOT patient!” I understand. Maybe you need to give it to the Lord and ask the Lord for help. Think about how much patience Jesus has with us. We need just a small dose of that with others.

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