God Does Exist

Recently I watched the movie, “God Is Not Dead.” The movie is about a young college student who is taking a Philosophy class in college that is taught by an atheist. The Professor tells his class that “God is dead.” But one young student who is a Christian challenges that statement.

God does exist. Psalms 53:1 says, “Only fools say in their hearts “ There is no God.”

Now, a person may have questions about God. A person may not understand God. But that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t exist.

The Bible tells us God exists and God’s creation is proof of the existence of God.

It may be that you have struggled to believe that God exists. You struggle because you have experienced some tough things in life that has left you questioning God. I do not understand everything that happens. But, I know that God exists.

When you don’t understand the ways of God, remember these lyrics; “God is too wise to be mistaken

God is too good to be unkind

So when you don’t understand

When you don’t see His plan

When you can’t trace His hand

Trust His heart.”

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