Meaningful Worship Not Ritualistic Sacrifices

What does God expect from His people?  If you were to ask the Christian of many people you would get different responses but one of the more common responses would likely be that God expects His people to worship.. and He does but, it should be meaningful worship… Not worship that just goes through the motions.  

In Psalm 50 the Lord is speaking to His people.  He says, “I have no complaint about your sacrifices or the burnt offerings you constantly offer.”  But then, the Lord adds, “I do not need the bulls from your barns or the goats from your pens…” God is telling Israel that their rituals do not impress Him.  Instead the Lord says in verse 14, “Make thankfulness your sacrifice to God, and keep the vows you made to the Most High.”  

“Make thankfulness your sacrifice to God…”

God is telling us that He doesn’t want our rituals… He wants meaningful worship.  In Isaiah 1:11, the Lord said to the people of Israel, “The multitude of your sacrifices, what are they to me?  I have more than enough of burnt offerings, of rams and the fat of fattened animals.”  

Worship is important and we should worship but, the Lord is telling us that He isn’t impressed with our rituals.  The Lord wants meaningful sacrifice… meaningful worship that comes from the heart.  

Today, make sure your heart and worship is real before the Lord.  

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