The Blessing Of Spirit- Filled Living

What happens to a person when they invite Christ into their heart? The Bible says, the Holy Spirit enters their heart. Paul referred to this in II Corinthians 3. Paul said the people of Corinth were like a letter from Christ that showed the result of Paul’s ministry among them. He said the letter wasn’t written with pen and ink but instead, the Holy Spirit had written on their hearts.

What happens to us when the Holy Spirit writes on our hearts?

First, our sins are forgiven. Second, we are sealed. That means we will never lose our salvation. Third, the Holy Spirit begins convicting us of sin from our old manner of life. As He does, we confess our sins and begin making lifestyle change.

Finally, the Spirit begins leading us to change our lives and be filled with and led by the Spirit.

Spirit-filled living is at times associated with emotion and there may be some of that. But it should lead us to right living.

Question this morning; has the Spirit been convicting you of sin in your life that needs to be confessed? Has the Spirit been trying to lead you to be more loving and kind?

Spirit-filled living will make our lives different. No, we aren’t perfect but it should bother us when we sin.

Today, if the Spirit convicts, confess that sin and be clean with God.

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