In A World Of Sin – Walking The Path Of The Lord.

Jesus said that there are two roads a person can travel in this life. They are the broad way & the straight & narrow and He said, we should choose the straight & narrow. In the Old Testament, the Psalmist said the same. He said,

“Put your hope in the Lord. Travel steadily along his path” (Ps. 37:34). “

So, where is your Hope today? What is it in? The Psalmist said that we should put our hope in the Lord. He challenged us to travel steadily along his path. This means we are to live godly lives.

We live in a world where sin is glorified. People may even brag about their wild exploits. But the scripture tells us that right living is following the Lord. Traveling steadfast along His path.

In the end, traveling the path of the Lord will prevail. Today, join me and walk with the Lord.

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