Love Moves Fences

Everyone has principles of values that guide them. One of mine is love. That’s not to say that I don’t occasionally have disagreements with people but, I try to resolve those as much as it depends on me.
Many of the problems we face in our nation could be solved through love. It bothers me tremendously to hear and see the hate that is in our national rhetoric. We need to love one another and especially we Christians should.
One of the greatest pieces ever written on love is I Corinthians 13. That chapter is known as “the love chapter.” Paul concludes that chapter with, “Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.”
There is a story that comes out of WWII about some soldiers serving in France who wanted to bury a friend and fellow soldier who had been killed. Being in a foreign country they wanted to ensure that their fallen comrade had a proper burial. They found a well-kept cemetery with a low stone wall around it, a picturesque little Catholic church and a peaceful outlook. This was just the place to bury their friend. But when they approached the priest he answered that unless their friend was a baptized Catholic he could not be buried in the cemetery. Well, their friend wasn’t.
Sensing the soldiers disappointment the priest showed them a spot just outside the walls where they could bury their friend. Reluctantly, they did so.
The next day the soldiers returned to pay their final respects to their fallen friend but could not find the grave. “There’s no WAY we got this wrong. It was right here!” they said. Confused, they approached the priest who took them to a spot inside the cemetery walls.
Last night I couldn’t sleep” said the priest. “I was troubled that your friend had to be buried outside the cemetery walls, so I got up… and moved the fence.”
Love moves fences. Let’s move some fences today.

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