“For Such A Time As This”

You are familiar with the phrase “the sovereignty of God?” The phrase refers to the fact that God is sovereign over the universe and over the lives of His people and supernaturally guides us to accomplish His will. One of the greatest examples of the sovereignty of God is the story of Esther in the Old Testament.

Esther was a beautiful young lady. She was left an orphan and her uncle Mordecai was caring for her. During this time, King Ahasuerus decided to select a new queen. Esther is placed in a large group of women that the King will select a new queen from. In the providence of God, Esther is chosen to be queen.

A man named Haman devises a plot to have the people of Israel destroyed. Esther’s uncle, Mordecai, learns about the plot and sends word to Esther asking her to go to King Ahasuerus and ask him to save the Jews. Esther sends word back to Mordecai that she can’t just barge into the King’s presence. She has to be invited. Mordecai replies by telling her that she should remember that she is a Jew as well and if Haman’s plan is carried out, she will die as well. Esther then sends word back saying that she will go into the presence of the King and “if I perish, I perish.”

After thinking about it, Esther realized she may well have been chosen as Queen at that particular time to save her people. She may well had been placed there “for such a time as this.” God may have you in a place “for such a time as this.”

Maybe you left a city or town or community that you really liked and you find yourself in a place that you don’t care for. God may have put you where you are, “for such a time as this.”

Maybe you are in a church that has a real need for some type of ministry. You could direct that ministry. Maybe God has placed you there, “for such a time as this.”

Back in the late eighties, I was a young Preacher in Meadville, Miss. I needed a mentor. I attended the Mississippi Baptist Convention that fall and, found myself sitting in the balcony of the old FBC Jackson, MS when the time came for the convention sermon. That year, a man named Robert Self, Pastor of FBC Brookhaven, MS was delivering the message.

As I listened to the message, God warmed my heart. Brookhaven wasn’t but 45 minutes from Meadville so, I determined that I wanted to meet Dr. Self. I spoke with him after the message and that began a life of him mentoring me. He basically adopted my family. God sovereignly placed me in the balcony that day to hear a man preach who would mean a great deal in my life. God may have sovereignly placed you where you are. As Mordecai said to Esther, “Who knows but that you have come into the kingdom, for such a time as this?”

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