Avoid Distractions

Let’s imagine you are talking with someone on a certain subject then, you begin talking about another subject. When you do that, you are chasing a rabbit. You have gotten distracted and you are on a different subject.

I had a seminary professor who had a tendency to do that. However, in his case, there was gold in his rabbit chases. That’s not the case with most rabbit chases.

In Nehemiah 6, the enemies of Nehemiah try to get him to chase a rabbit. They invite him to leave his work and meet them away from the work. But Nehemiah recognizes this is a distraction and doesn’t fall for it. Instead, he stays on task. It’s easy to get distracted.

It’s easy for us to get distracted. At times, the distraction may be something good. But, it’s not the primary task. Like Nehemiah we need to recognize the great work we are doing and not be distracted.

Today, be careful and don’t allow Satan to distract you. Our goal should be to honor the Lord. Stay focused on that and sharing the love of Jesus with others.

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