What Are You Committed To?

What are you committed to? What drives you? Holli have watched two movies the last two nights (“Lincoln” and “Founder”) that deal with the lives of men driven to accomplish something.

“Lincoln” is about President Lincoln and his desire to get the thirteenth amendment passed which abolished slavery. He poured his life into getting that amendment passed. And, after it’s passage, he was assassinated. He literally gave his life for the abolishment of slavery.

“Founder” is about Ray Kroc and his passion to grow McDonald’s. He was a driven man and he grew the McDonald’s franchise into a great business.

In I Chronicles 11 there is a story of three men who were focused-committed, to bring David some water. David was camped at the cave of Adullam while some Philistines were in the Valley of Rephaim. The Philistine garrison was in Bethlehem. David wanted water from Bethlehem so three of David’s mighty men, risked their lives by breaking through the Philistine lines to get David some water. David was so moved by what they did that he poured the water out as a sacrifice to the Lord. These men loved David so much, they risked their lives for him.

What is important to you? Pat Riley, General Manager of the Miami Heat has said, “To have long term success as a coach or in any position of leadership, you have to be obsessed in some way.” He’s right. Nothing happens without a commitment to a task.

So, what are you committed to? Everyone is committed to something. Make. sure that what you are committed to is worthy. For a Christian, our commitment should be to glorify God but then, we should be committed to our jobs… our families… etc…

David’s mighty men loved him so much, they risked their lives to get David water. They are a great example for us. What are we sold out to?

Years ago, Vince Lombardi reportedly told his team, “Gentlemen, your top priorities should be God, Family and Football and in that order.” Now, swap “Football” out for your job and we have a great example to follow.

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