Dealing With Depression


Depression has been called the common cold of mental illness.  That means that just about everyone deals with depression at times.  In the Old Testament, there was a time when Elijah the prophet was depressed just after a major battle with the prophets of Baal.  God told him to eat and rest.  So even Elisha struggled with depressions.  

The Psalmist struggled with depression as well. In Psalms …. The Psalmist said, “Come quickly, Lord, and answer me, for my depression deepens.”

Evidently the writer of this Psalm was going through some tough times and he had called out to God for help.  

What should we do when dealing with depression?  Depending on the severity of it, some who struggle with depression may have medication that is prescribed for depression.  If a person has dealt with depression, they may have found something unique that helps them deal with depression. For some, maybe it’s listening to music, or watching a movie.    

Psychologists say that one of the best ways to deal with depression is helping someone.  When we help someone, we are taking our minds off our problems and helping others.  

If you struggle with depression, you aren’t alone.  And when we do, the Lord will help us if we ask.  

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