God Is Always With Us

Have you ever been somewhere and felt all alone? Maybe you were traveling and you were in a city and you didn’t know anyone. Or, maybe you had an experience and you feel lonely. You can be surrounded by people and feel lonely.

I have felt lonely and probably many of you have as well. It’s not a good feeling. But the Psalmist said we are never alone. The Psalmist wrote, “I can never escape from your Spirit!

I can never get away from your presence” (Psalms 139:7).

Think about that verse; “I can never get away from your presence.” It doesn’t matter where we are, God is there. This is referred to as the omnipresence of God.

So, if you are feeling lonely, know that God is with you. God never leaves us. God is always present.

In the movie, “Chisum,” John Wayne plays John Chisum, a land-owner west if the Pecos. At the end of the movie Chisum, Mr. Pepper says, “there is no law west of Dodge and no God west of the Pecos.”

Chisum replies, “Wrong, Mr. Pepper. No matter where people go, the law always follows and they find God’s already been there.”

God is always with us.

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