There Are Times When It’s Hard To Sing

Do you like to sing to lift your spirits. Lots of people do.  We may listen to the radio or our iPhone and sing along with our favorite song.  Music can lift our spirits.  

But, there are times when it may be tough to have a song on our heart. 

In Psalms 137, the Psalmist is talking about the time when the people of Israel were in exile. They were away from their home-land.  Their captors demanded a song from them.  They said, “Sing us one of those songs from Jerusalem!” 

But the people replied, “How can we sing the songs of the Lord in a foreign land?”

You may have asked yourself that very question at times.  Oh, you didn’t phrase it like that but, there have been times when you were down and you just couldn’t sing.  You were hurting.  

You may be there now.  At times, life can hit us and when it does, we may listen to music and maybe we try to sing, but we can’t.  So we just hum or, maybe we just sit quiet and listen. 

Wynonna Judd has a song entitled, “When You Hit Rock Bottom.” 

The lyrics are;

“When you hit rock bottom, ‘aint but two ways to go, straight up or sideways.

I have seen my share of hard times and I want you to know, 

That straight up, is my way.

Times are tough all over, But I’ve got good news.  

When you get down to nothin, You’ve got nothin to lose.” 

Today, maybe you have hit rock bottom… you don’t have a song in your heart.. During those times, just be quiet and in time, the Lord puts a song in our heart.  It may be a while.  But eventually it can happen.  

In the movie “Cold Mountain,” an elderly lady loses her boys and her husband and, she is left with her hands in a rail fence.  She is rescued and nursed back to decent health… but she has lost her boys and her husband.  There is a scene where a guy is playing a fiddle and everyone is dancing and singing… except her… She wants to smile… but she’s still hurting.  She forces a little smile but underneath, her heart and spirit are broken.  

God knows our hurts and God loves us and in time, will put a song in our hearts that we can sing… even in a foreign land.  

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