Barnabas – An Example To Follow

Father’s Day is this Sunday. It is a time to express appreciation to our Dads. It’s also a time for Dad’s to dedicate themselves to being good Father’s. In Acts 11, we find a great model for all men to follow. That model is Barnabas.

Barnabas evidently wasn’t trusted in the church because because they sent Barnabas to Antioch to check out the church there. The Bible says Barnabas was a “…good man, full of the Holy Spirit and and strong in faith.” Think about that verse…

“He was a good man…” At times someone may ask you if you know a particular person? You may reply, “Yes, he’s a good man.” That likely means he has a good reputation. He is honest…trustworthy.. etc…

Barnabas was “full of the Holy Spirit.” He was a spirit-filled and spirit-led man.

Barnabas is a great example for us today. Now, someone may say, “I’m not Barnabas… I have too many flaws…”. We all have flaws. But the Lord forgives us.

Barnabas was strong in the faith. He was determined to follow the Lord. We should be as well.

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