The Holy Spirit Helps Us When We Are Discouraged.

(Transparent post here…I haven’t done this in a while…I’m bearing my soul hoping it helps someone.. )

All of us get down at times. Discouraged… happens. And when we do Satan can jump all up in our minds. I mean, he gets in there and just throws a party. He will have us thinking terrible, discouraging thoughts.

Stuff like, “You are worthless…”

“No one likes or loves you…”

“You are a failure..”

None of that is true but it still fills our minds. So what do we do when that happens? If you are a Christian, you ask the Lord for help.

In Acts 9:31 the Bible says the early Christians experiences the encouragement of the Holy Spirit. That phrase spoke to me this morning. It describes the atmosphere or spirit of the early church after Saul’s conversion. After Saul’s conversion, he remained in Damascus but eventually went to Jerusalem. There Barnabas helped convince the leaders of the church that Saul had been converted. Then the Bible says the church began to grow. And part of the reason it grew was due to the “encouragement of the Holy Spirit.”

I think that means that the Spirit of God was powerful in the lives of the early believers. And because it was, the church grew. We need the encouragement of the Holy Spirit in our lives as well.

Maybe you are frustrated…struggling….you are discouraged…you need the encouragement of the Holy Spirit.

If discouraging thoughts fill our minds, we ask the Lord to replace those with thoughts of comfort & truth. We remind ourselves of what is truth.

Right now, as I type this, I’m a little discouraged. Our house is quiet. Our two dogs are sleeping not far from me. But I am sitting in my chair writing this post. Mentally I try to replace discouraging thoughts with positive thoughts. Satan wants to fill my mind with negativity. Satan wants to discourage me and he will if I allow him too. But I have to ask the Lord to replace those negative thoughts with truth.

As I replace the negative thoughts that doesn’t mean that things will get better instantaneously. They could get better quickly but they may not. But I’m reminded that regardless what is going on around me, I can trust the Lord.

The Lord loves me.

The Lord forgives me.

I need the encouragement of the Holy Spirit today and perhaps you need Him too. Right now, just bow your head and ask the Lord for his encouragement.

Remind yourself that you are a child of God. God made you. You are God’s chosen possession. Satan or the world may want to convince you that you are nothing. (I’m being transparent here) Just a worthless ….

But that is not true. You are someone. You may not drive a nice vehicle or maybe you don’t have much money. That means nothing and has ZERO to do with your value before God. God loves you..flaws and mistakes and all.

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