Resisting The Holy Spirit

If you have worked with people you have experience resistance to change. It just comes with turf. To resist something means to be opposed to something or to drag one’s feet in making changes. But there is another type of resistance…and that is resistance to the Holy Spirit.

In Acts 7, there is the story of Stephen being stoned. As Stephen spoke to the crowd, he asked, “Must you forever resist the Holy Spirit? “

These people had seen Jesus and knew there was something different about Him but refused to acknowledge that He was the Messiah thus, resisting the Holy Spirit. We can do the same.

We can resist the Spirit convicting us of sin. Jesus told the disciples that when the Spirit comes, He will convict of sin. When the Spirit convicts of sin we should listen…we should confess our sin and ask forgiveness.

Second, we can resist the Spirit guiding us to do something. Jesus said the Spirit will guide us into truth. There may be something that the Lord wants us to do but we resist the prompting of the Spirt. When we do, we are out of God’s Will and often, that type of person is unhappy with the world.

The Holy Spirit wants to guide us…direct us….convict us…let’s be careful that we don’t resist the Holy Spirit.

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