There is a quote that goes; “A pat on the back is only a few vertebrae removed from a kick in the pant, but is miles ahead in results.”

That quote speaks to the power of encouragement.  In Acts 4, we read about a man named Barnabas who was an encourager.  Barnabas sold some land and gave the proceeds to the church.  But, a person doesn’t have to sell land to be an encourager.  

To encourage someone means to put courage into them .  Think about it; EN courage.  You were putting courage into someone.  To DIS courage is take courage out… to criticize or cause someone to doubt themselves.

Everyone needs encouragement at times.  There may be someone you know who needs encouragement.  Maybe a note or a text or a phone call or even a visit would pick someone up.  I encourage you today to be sensitive to those who need encouragement.  

  In 1943, Helen Robson married a man with a big dream but very little cash.  Since there wasn’t enough capital to launch his new venture, Helen turned to her father for a $20,000.00 loan.  Mr. Robson took a big risk with his son-in-law and wrote the check.  This enabled Helen and her husband to open up their first variety store in Newport, Arkansas during 1945.  It turns out Mr. Robson made a wise investment.  When his son-in-law died in 1992, Helen Robson Walton was left with 10% interest in their chain of stores named Wal-Mart.  Sam Walton made good on his father-in-law’s confidence adn left his widow $20 billion.  A little faith and encouragement can sometimes reap enormous returns.

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