Experiencing The Presence Of The Spirit

Have you ever heard someone say that?  If you have, the person who said it had been in a worship service or maybe a conference and they had a very good experience and as they tried to explain it, they may said, they felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.  In order to understand this, go back with me to Acts 2.  

Jesus ascended to heaven in Acts 1.  Now, the disciples were alone.  But, Jesus had told them He would send a helper, the Holy Spirit to guide them and protect them.  In Acts 2, we see the arrival of the Holy Spirit.  It was the feast of Pentecost; an annual feast that came fifty days after the feast of first fruits.  The name “Pentecost” means 50 because it was the 50th day after the feast of First-fruits.  

There were were Jews from different regions present in Jerusalem.  Then,  there was the sound of a mighty rushing wind and there appeared tongue of fire that rested on the people.  Then, each person began to speak in their native tongue and everyone could understand it.  

In an attempt to explain what was going on, some said that these Christians were drunk.  Simon Peter heard this and stood to preach.  He told the crowd that these people were not drunk… after all it was early in the morning… instead they were witnessing the fulfillment of a prophecy from the prophet Joel that in the latter days, God would send His Holy Spirit to the people.  So,  God was doing what He had promised.. He was sending His Spirit.  

The Holy Spirit guides and leads us today.  Go back to the beginning of my post.  Go back to the comment we hear at times that someone can feel the presence of the spirit.  I can remember several years ago, a worship service that was very emotional.  I have never been comfortable with a lot of emotion in worship… but that’s my makeup.  When the service finished, an elderly lady commented that she could feel the presence of the Spirit.  I did not have the same experience.  

But, the Spirit wants to fill all of us and guide us.  When the Spirit fills us and guides us it will produce in us, the fruit of the spirit.  The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, self-control, etc… 

All of us should be more concerned with being led by the Holy Spirit as opposed to “feeling the presence of the spirit.”  

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