Jesus Christ died.

Ok, you may be thinking, “Everyone knows Jesus died.”

Well, some have doubted it.

The Bible tells us that after Jesus death, it was the day of preparation and the religious leaders went to Pilate and asked that Jesus body and the bodies of the two thieves be taken down. They broke the legs of the two thieves but when they came to Jesus, they discovered He was already dead so they didn’t break His legs. So, the soldiers saw that Jesus was dead.

But some, in an attempt to disprove the resurrection of Jesus, have said Jesus didn’t really die. He just passed out on the cross or He “swooned.”

But the Bible says the Roman soldiers saw that Jesus had died.

Why is this important? Well, if you can prove that Jesus didn’t die, then there was no resurrection. And if there was no resurrection, then our faith is a hoax.

But, the resurrection is real and our faith is real. The same powers that enabled Jesus to rise from the dead is available to all of us.

Whatever challenges you are facing, Jesus will help us.

Elvis used to sing a song entitled, “You gave me a mountain…”

The lyrics are;

“But this time, Lord you gave me a mountain.

A mountain that I may never climb.

It isn’t a hill any longer

You gave me a mountain this time.”

Whatever mountain you are facing the Lord wants to help us and will help us if we allow Him too.

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