Weeping As We Go

Some time ago I read a quote that has stuck with me; “Be kind to everyone because everyone is going through something.”

Everyone is going through something. In II Samuel 15, the Bible says of David, “David walked up the road to the Mount of Olives, weeping as he went. His head was covered and his feet were bare as a sign of mourning.” Focus on the words, “…weeping as he went.”

That’s a description of lots of people. Maybe it describes the condition of your heart and soul..you are walking….you are pushing on.. weeping as you go.

Why are some weeping? Some are grieving the loss of a loved one. Some have gone through a divorce. For some, life just hasn’t turned out like they thought it would. Some may have had a child go astray. Some have been let down by friends. They are pushing forward, weeping as they go.

Maybe you have gone through some adversity…some hurt…you are trying to put it behind you but it isn’t easy. You are trying to move on in life…weeping as you go.

If you have gone through some bad experiences, you aren’t alone. Lots of people have. But we have a choice to make; we can dwell on the past…and I confess I have done some of that…are we can by God’s Grace, move forward. Moving forward doesn’t mean you don’t have occasional lapses where you think about what happened. But, you don’t stay there…you move forward…perhaps, weeping as you go.

Regardless what you are going through, Jesus loves you and will wipe the tears as we go.

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