Living For Christ In A Tough World

Living the Christian life is not easy. It’s not easy to live for Christ in a secular world. You may find yourself in a tough work environment where you may feel like you are the only one who stands for Christ.

In John 17, in Jesus high priestly prayer, as Jesus prayed He said,

“Now I am departing from the world; they are staying in this world, but I am coming to you. Holy Father, you have given me your name; now protect them….” Notice Jesus says, “…I am departing from the world…but they are staying in this world……now protect them.” Jesus knows it’s not going to be easy for His people to live for Him.

They would face the threats of the Roman government. They would face the ridicule of the pagans. It would not be easy for them to live for Christ. So Jesus asked the Father to protect His children.

Maybe you are in somewhat of a tough position. Know this…the Lord will protect you. It’s not easy to go against the crowd. It would be much easier just to try to fit in.

Daniel faced this and was thrown into the lions den. But, the Lord protected him. The three Hebrew boys faced this but the Lord protected them in the fiery furnace.

If you are in a tough environment, ask the Lord for strength. He protects us as He protected His Son

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