Reflections At 59.

Today is my birthday. I am 59. I am not writing this to remind anyone that it’s my birthday….I am writing this for reflection for me…Today… I am thankful for…

1. A Savior who loves me.

2. Parents (Robert & Myrna Potts) who raised and provided for me and my sisters, Mitzi & Deana. Parents who taught us right from wrong….parents who modeled marriage for us…who taught us to have respect for our elders…believe in God and be kind to your fellow-man.

3. A wife who loves me and has been ULTRA patient with me…I LOVE you to the moon & back, Holli Alice.

4. Kids who I am proud of…Robert, Will & Sarah, your Mom and I love you and are VERY proud of you.

5. Daughter-in-law (Lauren & Kendall) and a son-in-law (Landon) who we love and are proud of…

6. Grandsons…Peyton Hollis and Cooper James…love them both big-time…

7. A job…I am very thankful for a job at Krause Family Ford…lots of folks are out if work. I am not…I am blessed with a job.

8. Friends…there are lots of them…I will leave someone out if I try to name them all. Y’all know who you are.

9. Mentors…I am thankful for men like Bro. Bob Self, Billy Smith, Pail Powell, Darrell Robinson and others.

10. And there are men who have mentored me in the car business and I am thankful for them.

11. I am thankful to live in America…a few weeks ago a customer said to me, “they should call this the land of opportunity because if you are willing to work, you can make it here.” He’s right. I am thankful I live in this great country.

12. Thank you Lord, for all these blessings.

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