“Wisdom Came Later”

That was a phrase the late Supreme Court Justice Antonio Scalia would use when he changed his mind on an opinion. It’s a phrase all of us should be able to use. Pride is what prevents us from doing it. Let me explain.

Are you able to admit you are wrong and change your mind? I’ve known people who aren’t and thankfully, I’ve known some who can. Being able to adjust…to change…is a mark of maturity and humility.

In the email, “The Daily Coach,” the writer states, “People with a vast knowledge of subject matters must be willing to admit at times that they’re not sure.”

He then lists two examples. One was Winston Churchill. Churchill was opposed to “Operation Overlord” which was the D Day invasion. But, he later changed his mind. He didn’t stubbornly insist on his views. He realized he was wrong and changed.

Then the writer cites another example; the late Supreme Court Justice Antonio Scalia. Scalia was known to be strong in his opinions. But, there were times when he would change his mind and vote differently. When he did he would say, “Wisdom came later.”

All of us should be able to say “Wisdom came later.” “Wisdom came later” means “I’ve received enough or additional wisdom that has helped me see that I was wrong in my decision.”

Don’t be so filled with pride that you can’t admit you were wrong. Don’t be unwilling to change your mind if necessary.

Back in the 70’s, Richard Nixon resigned as President of the United States due to the Watergate scandal. But many authorities said Nixon could have avoided that if he admitted he made a mistake. But he wouldn’t do it and it cost him the Presidency.

Being able to say “wisdom cane later” means being willing to change our views. May we all be mature enough to do that when necessary.

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