Taking A Little & Blessing A Loy

Jesus takes whatever we have and blesses a lot. That’s what He did when he fed the 5,000. And He is still doing that today.

In John 6, there is a story about a time when a crowd of people followed Jesus and the disciples. The people were hungry and Jesus wanted to feed them. He asked the disciples how much food they had? They told Jesus there was a small boy there but he only had 5 loaves and 2 fish. Jesus told them to bring the food to him.

Jesus then took the loaves and fish and He blessed them and they multiplied. The disciples then distributed the food and the people ate. After they were finished, Jesus told the disciples to pick up the fragments. They did and gathered twelve baskets of left-overs.

Jesus had taken five loaves and two fish and fed 5,000 people!

Jesus is still doing that today. We give the Lord our little and He blesses it and multiplies it.

Maybe you feel like you can’t do much….you can’t give much…Jesus says “Give it to me and I will bless it.”

Jesus takes our little and blesses a lot.

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