Faith…belief… is at the core of the Christian life. A person cannot become a Christian without it. A person has to believe in Jesus in order for them to have their sins forgiven.

In John 4 Jesus was in Capernaum when a government official heard that He was there. The government official went to Jesus pleading with Him to come heal his Son.

Jesus told Him to go back home because his son lived. And the scripture says, “And the man believed what Jesus said and started home.”

Notice the text says, “The man believed…” He has not yet seen his son but he believed what Jesus said. In order for anyone to become a Christian, they must believe that Jesus exists and that He will save.

We have not seen Jesus. But we have to believe. It’s called having faith.

We have faith that Jesus is real…although we have never seen Him.

We have faith that Jesus can forgive our sins.

We have faith that when we pray God hears our prayers.

We have faith that if God leads us to do something, God will provide.

We believe…

Maybe you struggle with belief. If so, you aren’t alone….at one time the disciples told Jesus, “We believe…help our unbelief.”

Today if you struggle with belief, ask the Lord to help you with your unbelief.

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