Jesus Loves Everyone

Jesus loves everyone. He came to this earth for everyone. As the children’s song goes, “Red & yellow, black & white; They are precious in His sight”. Everyone is precious in the Lord’s sight. This is why Jesus had to go through Samaria.

In John 4, the Scripture says, “He had to go through Samaria on the way.” Why did Jesus have to go through Samaria? He did it to demonstrated to His disciples that He loved everyone.

Samaria was home of the Samaritans….they were considered half-breeds to the Jews. They were the scum of the earth….to the Jews.

So when Jesus went through Samaria, He was proving that God loves everyone…even the Samaritans.

Then Jesus had a conversation with a Samaritan woman. It was one thing to go through Samaria…the home of the Samaritans, but now, Jesus was speaking to a woman. This normally didn’t happen but then, add to this that the woman Jesus was speaking to had a checkered past.

So, Jesus intentionally went through a region Jews didn’t normally go; he spoke to a woman in the middle of the day and this lady had a questionable past. But Jesus spoke to her.

Jesus was teaching a lesson that God loves everyone…regardless of our mistakes and our past.

Jesus loves everyone…regardless of race, sexuality, nationality, socioeconomic status or political preferences… He went through Samaria to prove that He loved everyone and so should we.

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