Making Good Choices

We make choices every day and our choices have impact. For example, do we take a job offer? Do we move to a different area? Do we we date someone? Where do we go to college? All are major choices.

During the trial and crucifixion of Jesus, at one point Jesus was before Pilate. After thoroughly examining Jesus, Pilate turned to the crowd and said, “I find no fault in this man.” But the crowd yelled that Jesus should be crucified.

Then Pilate asked who they wanted released, Barabbas or Jesus?

The crowd yelled that Barabbas should be released and Jesus should be crucified!

It was a stupid choice. Barabbas was a criminal while Jesus was the Son of God.

But we do the same thing. Oh, we may not have a criminal released but, we choose other things over Christ. Jesus gives us eternal life. Jesus is filled with grace and love. Jesus helps us.

It’s a very easy choice; when given the opportunity to release Jesus or Barabbas, we should select Jesus every time.

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