Wheee There Is A Will There Is A Way

There is an old expression; “Where there is a will, there is a way.”
That means that if someone wants to get something done, they figure out a way to make it happen. The Bible says that Jesus “resolutely” set His face toward Jerusalem. That means that Jesus knew He had to go to Jerusalem. He had to die for the sin of mankind.
There are times when we have to resolve or determine to get something done. There may be something you have to do and you are dreading it. You have to determine you are going to do it.
In the movie Apollo 13, there is a scene where someone from NASA takes a box and lots of hoses and puts them on a table and says “make this work.” The engineers from NASA had to fix something to make it possible for the space crew to safely land. And, they did and it allowed the space crew to safely land.
We are living in a time when we have to adapt…in some ways, we may have to make things happen. Maybe you are facing a challenge and it’s kind of overwhelming you. You can do it. Take a deep breath and like our Lord, resolutely determine to get it done.

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