It’s Always Right To Do Right

You try to be honest…you do the right thing…you try to live for the Lord… yet you look around and you see the wicked prospering. You ask “Why, Lord?”

It doesn’t seem fair. Why do the wicked prosper and the Godly struggle? That’s exactly what the Psalmist wanted to know. He looked around and the wicked seemed to prosper while the Godly struggled.

But then, he went into the sanctuary of God and there, he said, he saw the demise of the wicked. He said, “Then I went into your sanctuary, O God, and I finally under understood the destiny of the wicked.”

What did he see that changed his mind? He was able to see that although the wicked prospered then, in the end the wicked would be punished. He was able to see that it is always right to do right and that, in the long run, right prevails.

Maybe you are struggling with this. Maybe you question at times, why the wicked prosper? The Bible says that if they do prosper, It’s short-term. In the end right prevails and the wicked are punished.

So do right. Live for God. Be honest. Don’t cheat. It’s the right way and it will prevail in the end.

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