Possessing Good Sense

“That man (or woman) has some sense.”
You have probably heard something like that before. You may have said something like that yourself. “He has sense” or, “she has good sense.”
On the other hand, I’ve heard people refer to someone as being as “crazy as a betsy bug.” That meant the person didn’t have much “sense.”
Proverbs 12:8. says, “A sensible person wins admiration but a warped man is despised.”
Think about that verse… “A sensible person wins admiration…”
We admire someone who has good sense. We may have a tendency to talk with someone like this when making decisions. This person has used sound judgment in the past and we need sound judgment so, we go to them. How does a person get sound judgment?
It comes from thinking things through. Sometimes, it comes from making mistakes. It comes from reading the Bible.
But the second part of the verse says, “A warped man is despised.” A “warped man” is someone who does not use sound judgment… someone who doesn’t think correctly. A warped man is a perverted man.. a twisted mind. It may belong to someone filled with hate.
We should strive to be known as “sensible people.” To be sensible… we should read God’s word regularly and learn to think things through.
Today, we should all ask God for wisdom in making decisions.

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