Giving God Our Best

Let’s imagine that you are shopping for a gift for one of your grandchildren. You are looking for something pretty for them to wear. So, you go to a children’s clothing store. You find a shirt that is perfect. But, it’s a little pricey. A store attendant tells you they have the same shirt on a rack of damaged clothes. You look at the shirt that is damaged and yes, it has a spot on it and a small hole in it but, it is much cheaper than the one you are about to purchase. You think about it but, you can’t bring yourself to give your grandchild a damaged shirt so, you sacrifice a little and buy the new one. Now, let me add here… if your money is tight, you might get the damaged shirt because it’s the best you can do. But let’s say that money is not the issue. You are going to buy the best one.
In Deuteronomy 15, the Lord tells Israel that they are to give God their best. God had taken the lives of the Egyptians first-born to convince Pharoah to let the people go. Now, Israel was to give God their best as a reminder of what it took for them to be free. They could not offer God an animal that had a defect. They could only give God their best.
The same should be true of us. We should give God our best… not our left-overs but our best. Because of all the Lord has done for us, let’s give God our best.

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