We Did Nothing To Deserve The Grace Of God Which is Why We Should Serve Him

We are blessed. Not because we are so good… it’s in spite of it. We are really a blessed people. But, it’s easy for us to forget how blessed we area. We can begin to think that maybe God should be thankful we are on His team. Let me explain…
The entire book of Deuteronomy is about God preparing Israel to cross the Jordan into the promised land. God reminds them of how many times they received blessings from God. Then, God tells them that He is giving them the promised land… not because of how good they are… they haven’t been good… instead God is giving Israel the promised land because of the wickedness of the nations there.
God says, “It is not because you are so good or have such integrity that you are about to occupy their land…” Then, the Lord adds, “You must recognize that the Lord your God is not giving you this good land because you are good, for you are not-you are a stubborn people” (Deut. 9:4-6).
So, Israel didn’t get the promised land because they deserved it… they got it because of God’s grace. The same is true for us. Jesus didn’t die on the cross for our sins because we are good people. It is simply due to the grace of God.
Maybe the coronavirus quarantine has led each of us to see how blessed we are. Maybe the Lord will use this time to help us all see that we don’t deserve the blessings of God. Instead, we should serve the Lord because we are so blessed.
Jesus didn’t die for our sins because we are good people… He died for us because He loves us and that should lead us to serve Him and live for Him.

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