God Is A Father To The Fatherless

Back in the early 80’s I was Music & Youth Director at Gillsburg Baptist Church in Osyka, Ms. One year at Christmas, we took our youth to visit the Baptist Children’s Village in Clinton, MS. Our youth took gifts for those kids.
These kids had been placed at the Village because they either had no home or their families couldn’t care for them. They were orphans. Of course, the purpose of the Village was to help them feel loved but even though the Village provided them with a substitute family, they no doubt still missed their biological families.
Everyone is supposed to receive love from their family. But, it doesn’t always happen. But the Bible says God is a “Father to the fatherless, defender of widows—God places the lonely in families…”(Psalms 65:5-6).
These verses are a reminder of God’s love for us. If you ever feel no one loves you, be assured that God does. God cares for us.
Christians we need to be sensitive to those around us who may not feel loved. God wants us to help those who are lonesome feel loved.
God is a “Father to the fatherless & places the lonely in families.”
When the world has turned its back on us, God loves us.

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