Getting Messy To Help Someone With A Mess

Helping people often requires getting dirty… It requires being willing to get involved in someone’s life and at times, that’s something people don’t want to deal with.
There was a time when a man who had leprosy was brought to Jesus. The Bible says the man had an “advanced case of leprosy.” The man said, “Lord… if you are willing… you can heal me.”
“If you are willing…” The only reservation the man had was if Jesus was willing to get involved. According to the Mosaic law one who had leprosy was not to be touched by anyone who was ceremonially clean. When someone clean touched. something unclean, the clean became unclean. So, the man had questions as to whether or not Jesus would be willing to heal him.
But, Jesus was willing. He said, “I am willing; be healed!”
Jesus was willing to touch the leper… He was willing to touch a man considered unclean. Or we willing to do the same? Many people who are hurting have mixed up lives. They probably have baggage in their lives. They have made mistakes. To be healed someone has to be willing to get involved in their mess and at times, we don’t want to do that.
Getting involved in someone’s mess is… well…. messy. We can get messy helping someone with a mess.
I have noticed over the years that at times, Christians or Ministers don’t want to get messy. Let’s say someone messes up. Someone makes a mistake. They are down. In order for someone to help them, they may have to put their reputation on the line.
Bro. Bob Self, a Pastor friend of mine is a Minister I’ve known who has been willing to put his reputation on the line. Several years ago when we were in Brookhaven, MS, a local Minister had done something that was controversial. Some Ministers wouldn’t speak up for him. But Bro. Bob did… it didn’t matter to him that he was putting his reputation on the line. He got involved in the mess.
So, today… are we willing to get involved in someone’s mess to help them? To love them? The man said, “Lord, if you are willing, you can heal me.”
Today, may we be willing to help others.. even if it means getting a little messy.

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