Dealing With The Power Of Temptation

Temptation is something we face every day. And each one of us are tempted by different things. I’m not tempted to drink… but I am tempted to purchase technology products.
In Luke 4, the Bible tells us about the temptation of Jesus. I’ve read that account in the scriptures numerous times but this morning, I read a few words I hadn’t noticed before. The Bible says the devil “…left him until the next opportunity came.”
Now, unless I have overlooked it, the Bible doesn’t say anything about another time when Jesus was tempted. Maybe Jesus was tempted a second time but the scriptures just don’t reveal it. But, that verse speaks to me because it says much about temptation.
Temptation isn’t a “one and done thing.” In college basketball, there are young people who will sign with a school, play one year and then. declare their intentions to go pro. They are called “one and done.”
But temptation isn’t like that. Temptation is daily.. hourly… even by the minute. It doesn’t stop.
Satan tempted Jesus, Jesus resisted and Satan left until, the next opportunity. So, temptation doesn’t stop.
It is my understanding that an alcoholic can go to rehab and be clean but, the temptation to drink is always there. For others, maybe the need for affirmation leads them to do things that makes them seem important to others.
Someone may be known to be loose with the truth… because deep down, they want to feel significant. So they embellish the truth.
Temptation doesn’t stop. But we defeat it the same way Jesus did… by the power of Scripture and by drawing near to Go. When we find ourselves being tempted we should pray, “Father, I ask you to give me strength as I deal with this… Help me to resist..”
So, are you facing temptation? It doesn’t stop… But, we can get help from the Lord.

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