A Talking Donkey Was Smarter Than Balaam

For Christians, our desire is to follow God. Our goal is to glorify God. So, if that is our goal, then doing God’s will is our daily goal. But, what is God’s will? That becomes the challenge we face daily.
There are times when, maybe there is something we want to do but God knows it’s not what we need to do. We pray and pray and read the Bible and perhaps talk with Christian friends but, we get no direction. So, we decide to do whatever it is we have been thinking about… even though, down deep in our gut, we know it’s not God’s will.
But we don’t have peace. Things don’t go well. We begin to sense that perhaps, we shouldn’t have done this. There may even be some things happen that can easily be interpreted as God blocking us or preventing us from doing this.
There is a story in Numbers about a man experiencing this very thing. His name was Balaam. Balak, the king of Moab called for Balaam and asked Balaam to pronounce a curse on the people of Israel. But, God had warned Balaam not to do this because the Israelites were the people of God.
Balak sent messengers to Balaam but God told Balaam not to do it. So, Balak sent a second group of mesengers. This time, Balaam went even though, God had said don’t do it.
So, Balaam is riding his donkey through a field and a messenger from God stands in the path. The donkey sees it but Balaam doesn’t. So, the donkey goes out into the field to avoid the messenger from God. Balaam gets angry with his donkey and the donkey gets back on the path.
The same thing happens again… and then a third time until finally the donkey lays down. Balaam is kicking the donkey and then, the Donkey speaks! On this occasion, the donkey was smarter than a man. The donkey could see the path was blocked but Balaam couldn’t.
Sometimes, we can be like Balaam… even though God may be standing in our way preventing us from doing what we want to do, we press on any way. Friend, if God’s will is best for us, if God is blocking something then, we shouldn’t do it. It’s not God’s will.
Maybe you are struggling with a decision now. Maybe you don’t sense it’s the right thing to do but, you really want to do it. If you don’t have peace about it, you don’t need to do it.
Two quotes about God’s will as I close; “Success is finding God’s will and getting in it” and, “The safest place for a Christian is finding God’s will and getting in it.”
Today, may our desire to be to know and do God’s will in our lives.

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