Maybe The Cancellation Of Sporting Events Leads Us To See That Sports Has Become An Addiction For us

Last night, Holli and I had just finished watching the movie about “Mr. Rogers” and were about to go to bed. I looked at my watch and said, “Well, I would have been watching LSU in the SEC tournament about now.” LSU’s men’s basketball team was scheduled to play about 9 PM in Nashville on Friday night.
Then I thought (and I hold my hand higher than anyone here)… maybe the fact that we are going to miss sports is an indication of our addiction to it. i know it is for me.
As you know, I’m a sports nut. It’s my hobby…. primarily college sports and I LOVE my Tigers.
But, I can at times, love it too much. I mean, when the College World Series ends in June, I will actually face a little depression knowing there will be no college sports until September.
So, all of this has exposed an addiction I have. Maybe it’s done the same with you. I will miss college baseball.. I will miss March Madness… but, life will go on. Life was moving along pretty good before March Madness was around.
I need to spend more time reading… more time visiting with friends… maybe we all do. America has made a golden calf out of sports. I’m NOT suggesting God is using he Coronavirus to punish us… But, maybe this is going to lead us to see that sports has become a god. Maybe this absence of sports is going to lead us to appreciate the simpler things again.

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