Re-Building From The Ashes

(Yesterday, my post was on facing our problems. This is a second one on that topic…)
In the TV mini-series, “Return To Lonesome Dove,” there is a scene where Claire’s (an ex-girlfriend of Gus)farm and home burns down. As a result she goes to Montana with Woodrow and Gideon Walker. She is going to re-build her life in another place.
But tragedy strikes in Montana and Gideon Walker, a man she likes, is killed. After he is buried, she tells Woodrow that she and the girls will be leaving to go back to their home. Woodrow encourages her to stay. She replies, “I appreciate the offer… but I’ve learned you don’t run from the ashes, you build from the ashes.” Claire had decided to go back home, sift through the ashes and rebuild.
Many you are dealing with some ashes in your life. Not literal ashes.. more like symbolic ashes. Ashes like divorce, or the loss of a job or a mistake you made. We. have a tendency to want to run from the ashes… but in many cases the right approach is to build from the ashes.
Whatever the ashes are. you in your life, the Lord will help you build from them.

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