Don’t Run From Problems – Face Them

Everyone faces problems but, how do we deal with them? Many people want to drink their problems away. Others may turn to drugs to help them deal with their problems. Others may take a trip or go shopping. We have a tendency to do whatever we can to get away from our problems.
Psalms 55:6 says, “Oh, that I had wings like a dove; then I would fly away and rest!”
The Psalmist was going through some adversity and his way of dealing with it was to fly away like a dove. He’s not alone. Lots of people try to deal with problems that way.
But the problems return. A person can get drunk and forget about their problems for a time but the problems return. We can take a trip, but we have to come home sometime.
The best way to deal with problems is to face them… trust the Lord and face them.
Someone has said that God didn’t take David around the valley of the shadow of death, He walked with him through it. He didn’t save Daniel from the lion’s den, He was in it with him. He didn’t save the three Hebrew boys from the fiery furnace; He was in it with them.
Don’t run from your problems… give them to the Lord and trust Him.

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