“He Came To His Senses”

“When he came to his senses.”
That phrase stood out to me yesterday from our Sunday School lesson. The phrase comes from the story of the Good Samaritan found in Luke 15. A young man asked his Father for his inheritance and he left home. He went away and wasted his money partying. Then, he was out of money.
He got a job working with swine and was so hungry he would have gladly eaten what he was feeding the swine. So, he is broke and hungry. And then, the Bible says, “…he came to his senses…”
When he came to his senses, he realized how foolish he had been and he decided to return home. He wasn’t sure what kind of reception he would receive. But, he knew this was his blest choice.
But think about the words… “he came to his senses.” Obviously, he hadn’t been thinking very straight until that point. He wasn’t thinking correctly. That led him to leave home and he wasted al his money.
There has probably been a time when someone you love is making some foolish decisions. You have talked to them until you don’t know what to say. But nothing changes. You may have even said something like, “I need to knock some sense into you.”        This loved one is not thinking straight and it’s hurting them or, they are making some decisions.
But, let’s not talk about others. It may be that we are not thinking straight. When this happens, what has to happen for us to begin to think straight?
Sometimes, something painful has to happen to get our attention. Maybe we lose a job or someone lies to us or we go through a divorce or something similar. Sometimes, we may have to reach rock bottom before we come to our senses.
The young man in the story made some foolish decisions and wasted lots of money. He reached bottom by being willing to eat what was fed the swine. Then, he came to his senses and returned home.
The Father is waiting for us to “come to our senses’ and return home as well.

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