Love God – Love Others

I like summary statements. If someone is telling me something and it seems to take them a while to get to the point, I may say, “Just sum it up for me…. what is the bottom line?”
Our responsibility as Christians can be summed up in two statements. They are:

1) Love God
2) Love others.
That’s it… in just four words, we are told what we are to do as Christians.
In Mark 12, Jesus was asked, “What is the greatest commandment?” He responded by saying, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.” Then, Jesus added, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Those two commandments sum up the 10 commandments.
Love God – when we love God we take care of the first four commandments. We are putting God first in our lives. We worship God. We give to the Lord’s work. We read God’s word. We put God first in our lives.
Love others – when we are kind to others, we are loving others. We love others when we don’t bear false witness… when we don’t covet… when we aren’t envious.
So, Jesus said “Love god and love others.” When we do those two things, we take care of all 10 commandments.
Today, as you walk out the door, remember to love God and love others and in doing so, we live the Christian life.

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