“I Want Someone With Skin On”

A child was awakened by a strong clap of thunder one night. He began to cry and his mother went to his room to calm him down. As she hugged him she said, “It’s ok… Jesus is with us.”
The child replied, “I want someone with skin on.”
In troubling times, we all want someone with skin on. And the good news is, Jesus is that person.
In Psalms 46, the Psalmist says “The Lord of Heaven’s Armies is here among us;
the God of Israel[b] is our fortress.” Think about that verse… “The Lord of heaven’s armies is here…” Jehovah God is among us.
In the New Testament, Jesus came to this earth. He is God incarnate.. God with skin on.
But, someone may ask, “how does that work today? Jesus is in heaven with God.” Jesus is in heaven but, God sent His Holy Spirit into the world and the Holy Spirit is with us today.
The Holy Spirit may want to use us to comfort someone. God may speak to our hearts about someone who is hurting or needs comforting. Be sensitive to the leadership of the Spirit… you could be an answer to someone’s prayers.

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