Let’s Be Moved With Compassion To Help The Hurting

In the Netflix series “Godless,” one of the lead characters is an outlaw named “Frank Griffin.” Griffin rides with a large gang. But in one scene he comes upon a house that is filled with people who have “the pox” (smallpox). Members of his gang tell him not to go in there but Griffin ignores them.
Upon entering the house he finds a young lady who is caring for all of the people. Many have already died. Griffin decides to help her. After he has been there a while, digging graves to bury the dead, he is about to leave. The young lady thinks he is a Preacher because he has helped them. He doesn’t tell her any different. Then, she says to him, “Preacher, it’s been a long time since anyone showed much compassion here.”
Compassion is something this world filled with hatred and name-calling needs more of. In Mark 1:41, the Bible says that a man with leprosy came to Jesus to be healed. Lepers were normally avoided… but Jesus didn’t avoid the leper. Instead, the Scripture says, “Moved with compassion, Jesus reached out and touched him. “I am willing,” he said. “Be healed!” Instantly the leprosy disappeared, and the man was healed..”
Think about those words… “moved with compassion.” Jesus could have avoided the man like others had. Instead, the Bible says He was “moved with compassion.”
There is a great need for more compassion in our world. Lots of people are hurting. Recently, Holli and I were talking with a couple that we know. We were discussing people who are hurting. The lady said, “Lots of people are broken.”
She is exactly right. You never know what someone is going through.  A church called a new Preacher. On his first Sunday, people were walking out shaking his hands and welcoming him to the church. One lady stopped and said,” Preacher, every Sunday, you will look across the congregation and everyone will have a smile. But behind every smile is a pale of tears.”
She is right… behind every smile there is a pale of tears. People need someone with compassion. Jesus was “moved with compassion” to help the leper.
Today, let’s be moved with the compassion to help someone who is hurting.

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